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Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Advent as a time of reflection and preparation has been used in Church history before baptism and to prepare for Christ’s second coming.
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“Grow in Grace and Knowledge of Christ…”.

As a ministry together, we would do well to hear and keep focused on this simple mission as a local church~ “to grow in grace and knowledge of Christ…”.
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A Significant Historical Site?

Most of us will not have historical markers placed where we live and work, but we are all building a heritage and legacy that will affect and impact those around us and after us.
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St. Nicholas

December 6th has been set aside to venerate the memory and ministry of Nicholas, a pastor and bishop of the Church. Stories have evolved this man into the famous Santa Claus of today, but who was the real Nicholas?
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Doing December Well and Truly Celebrating our Savior!

So how do we “do December well” that brings a genuine joy and a lasting hope without leaving us with the regrets and surprising bills in January?
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Building a Household for a God Directed Impact

You might say that most houses newly built look pretty good, but the test of materials and quality work comes years later as the house becomes people and weather tested.
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The Question No One Wants to Answer

Like many Americans, I watched the presidential debate last night and was probably left with more troublesome thoughts on the candidates than confidence.
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"Anybody Enjoy Summer Weeding?"

As I have lots of time to think while weeding, I have thought of how the weeds of laziness, selfishness, pride, and frustrations make their way under the surface into my own life.
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"Does God Have to Rework Another Plan?"

What to we do with their personal convictions and standards about leadership and our nation’s president.
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