"Anybody Enjoy Summer Weeding?"

August 13, 2016 By Pastor Dave Ryan

Anybody Enjoy Summer Weeding?

We have a plant bed along a backyard fence that is a weed magnet it seems.  Every spring and fall, it requires hours of digging, prying and pulling to pile up a large pile of a wide variety of weeds and green things we did not plant there!  You clear the area out, trying to take steps to keep the weeds from coming back and do your best to make it look nice for our guests and neighbors.  Plants I want to grow and protect may get nibbled on or damaged and give up easily, but in a few months the plants I have declared war on are happily back growing strong.  Do you know this same experience? As I have lots of time to think while weeding, I have thought of how the weeds of laziness, selfishness, pride, and frustrations make their way under the surface into my own life.  They tunnel seemingly out of sight and slowly try to have a voice.  For a long time they seem so small and insignificant, but just like those weeds at the right time they come up strong and noticeable as ever.  How important to regularly be weeding and replanting in our hearts and minds!  Putting off the attitudes and whispers and opinions that raise themselves in opposition to the Word of God.  How do you put off?  Recognize them for what they are and call them what they are rather pet excuses and then seek to remove them by the root, which can be quite humbling or painful.  In their removal, we need to replant (put on) what is true and right and noble even if causes you to seem weak to friends.  Weeding and replanting is a messy business, but it is a process God blesses and aids us in as we go along.  (Read Ephesians 4:17-24 and Philippians 4:8-9)

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