Battlegrounds (part 1) - Wednesday night youth series

September 12, 2016 By Jordan Patrick

For most American's December 7, 1941 stands out as a significant date in history (right next to 9/11.)  Two words come to mind when we think about this date in history:  PEARL HARBOR.

How did this happen?   No one believed that the threat of war was real or that the enemy would really attack them.  They were caught unprepared and unarmed (literally sleeping.)  Despite warnings, it seemed unfathomable for the Japanese to start a war on American soil and travel 4,000 miles to do it.   The cost of not being prepared was great:  over 2,000 American lives lost.

When I asked our teens this past Wednesday night, "how many think Satan is real and dangerous?", most hands went up.  When I followed that up with, how many believe he has a specific plan for you life?" there was not the same level of confidence.

I believe it is clear from God's word, that the battle is real and there are great consequences if we underestimate or ignore the enemy.  This is why we are warned in 1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober-minded; be watchful.  Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.”

What is Satan's Strategy?

-First, he wants us to be unaware of the war we are in.

If we are ignorant of the war, then, we will not prepare for the attacks until they are too late. 

 -Next, he wants us to make God look bad and sin look good. 

He will tell us God doesn’t love you (or wouldn’t love you after you did that.); God doesn’t have your best interests in mind; He will tell you that freedom is found in rebelling against God and doing your own thing.  He will tell you that you will be happy if _______.

-Satan will try to tempt us to sin by making it look attractive and desirable.  He doesn’t tempt us with rotting apples, but with the shiny kind.  He will show you everyone having fun and downplay the consequences of sin.

 -Ultimately, he wants to ruin our lives.  The moment he sinned he was doomed and judged.  He has no hope and because of this he wants to take as many people down with him as he can.  Nothing pleases him more than to see Christians lead useless, lives for themselves and not for God. 

Our Wednesday night youth series will be on the topic of BATTLEGROUNDS.  Helping teens (and their families) identify areas where Satan will attack and developing a strategy to defend against his attacks.  If you are a parent reading this, check back for updates on what teens are learning.  If you are a concerned Christian, please pray for our teens and seek to encourage them to stand for God in their teen years.


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