Battlegrounds (part 2) - Wednesday night youth series

September 26, 2016 By Jordan Patrick

Ephesians 6:10-11 says:  Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.  Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.

As believers we are told to “STAND”, not “advance” or “invade.”  We don’t have to storm the castle, because the victory has already been won by Christ.  Yet in our daily Christian lives, there is a battle being waged against us and we are given the "armor of God" to help us.


We are given 5 defensive weapons in our battle against Satan:

  1. Belt of Truth – Truth holds everything together, Satan is the Father of lies and wants us to compromise truth (in big and small ways.)
  1. Breastplate of Righteousness – Doing the right thing is always the best defense against evil. Stepping out of obedience opens us up to the enemy.
  1. Shoes of the Gospel of Peace –We need to put on the gospel every day, be ready to share and ready to preach it to ourselves. We are sinners saved by God’s grace alone.
  1. Shield of Faith – This would have been a large shield that would have protected the entire body of a soldier, who would crouch behind it. Faith is a dependence upon God, looking to Jesus, the Faithful one to save us.
  1. Helmet of Salvation –The helmet goes over our head to protect our mind from discouragement and despair, like a helmet, salvation protects us by giving us hope that God will keep his promise to come back for us, and save us once and for all.

Notice we are only given one offensive weapon - The Sword of the Spirit.  If we want to know how to use the Sword, we need to look at how Jesus did battle with it against the Devil (Luke 4:1-11)  As we study Jesus battle in the wilderness, we observe three important points:

  • The temptation was real and intense and required God’s Power to overcome (vs. 1 - “Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit…was led by the Spirit.) How long was he tempted for before Satan sought to deliver the knockout blow? 40 days.  He was out of human energy (he had not eaten for the entire 40 days, do not try this at home.)
  •  Jesus knew his Bible (and so did Satan) - Don’t miss that Satan was quoting scripture too. He has had thousands of years to pull verses out of context and use them to confuse us.  Satan knew the WORDS of the Bible, but Jesus knew that AUTHOR.  As you read the Bible, it is not about getting facts but about developing a faith-relationship with a living God.  God’s Word is living and active, because the Author is alive and wants us to know Him.
  •  Jesus didn’t argue with Satan, but quoted God’s Truth. Sure Satan was messing around with God’s Word but Jesus just spoke the truth.  To paraphrase from Charles Spurgeon: “You don’t need to defend a Lion, just let it out of the cage.”  Just as we don't need to defend a lion, God's word simply needs to be used and rightly applied, but not defended.  Just let it out and let God work though it!
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