Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

November 28, 2018 By Pastor Dave Ryan

“Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room!”

Lifting Up Christ in the Christmas Season


Advent is a time of preparation for a notable person or an event.  Advent as a time of reflection and preparation has been used in Church history before baptism and to prepare for Christ’s second coming.  It’s use as a time of preparation reflecting back on Christ’s first coming as a baby in Bethlehem began more in the Middle Ages.  In this culture where every outlet is “preparing our minds for Christmas” from videos, music, decorations, gatherings, and of course shopping, we need to be even more purposeful in our homes and hearts to think on Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World. 

We encourage you to be purposeful during this season of Advent… this season of reflecting on the greatest gift of the Messiah for our salvation… to be thinking on God’s truth daily on who our Savior is, what He did and what He has yet to do! 

Recommended Direction for Exalting Christ

Limit - In a season when excess is celebrated, it is important to limit and restrain so that we do not create harm to our hearts, minds and others that we will struggle to repay or reform in a few weeks. (i.e. finances, foods, mythical stories and sentiments that focus on another savior)

Give – Give generously to sharing the love of God as He enables and gifts you and your family.  We are reflecting on how God first loved us through the gift of His Son for our redemption, so our focus should be to consider God’s provisions to us and how we can sacrificially give them to encourage the spread of the Gospel… personal connections and broader ministry. Share the good news of Salvation through Christ alone as often as you can, as many people are more open in these weeks to consider the foundation of Christmas and a hope for life!

Indulge - God richly and abundantly has given to His people in Creation wonder and restoration to new life and love and clean conscience in Christ.  Indulge in the Joy of thinking on the many details of the gift of Jesus Christ and the great Joy of new life that we have in Him.  Indulge in the Joy of beauty of God’s creation design, in the Joy of giving as God gave to us in Christ, in the Joy of worship of our great God, and in the Joy of relationships God has gifted us through family and many new friends gained through the work of the Gospel. 


A Few Recommended Resources

GBC Library has several Advent devotionals with readings for each day of December and many books and resources for all ages that get us thinking on God’s gift and work through Christ. 

Websites with free resources- www.faithgateway.com/jesus-storybook-bible-advent-calendar-printable  Parents this is a resource tied into the Jesus Storybook Bible.

https://www.desiringgod.org/books/good-news-of-great-joy  You can purchase this devotional or download and read each day for free.  Daily meditations on the Good News of what Christ has provided. 

https://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/holidays/advent-calendars/advent-a-countdown-to-christmas    Focus on the Family has a number of resources for children and families.

http://www.jessicalynette.com/genealogy-of-jesus/ Great resource blog site with creative study on the names of Jesus and the promise of the Savior back to Creation.  Good for families and individuals

Purchase a good devotional guide on the Incarnation - There are so many good Biblical resources for individuals and families that are older and newer.  We hesitate to give authors because we will miss some very good ones.  We would be glad to recommend a list if you are interested.

Because the birth of Christ is the Initiation of God’s eternal plan to provide for mankind a divine/human Savior and Eternal Life, every resource that draws you to fix on the life, death and resurrection of Christ and His Return are great resources to fix your attention in December!   Don’t limit Christmas to the event of Jesus’ birth and stories around that one night, but draw your minds and hearts to see that this is an Eternal, Huge story that involves all of God’s character and Christ’s work! 

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