Seder Dinner

October 6, 2019 By Linda Mulanax


Jesus in the Passover

Full Passover Seder Presentation

Our Passover Leader - Andy Ferrier has worked with loving the Jewish people and sharing Jesus as the Messiah since 1983, having lived in Israel and then working for many years with Friends of Israel.  Andy is presently serving with Midwest Messianic Center and lives in the Detroit area.  He taught in our morning services and was our meal host and leader.

Why Attend a Passover Meal?   The Passover meal was first organized by God and given to Moses in Exodus 12 and the Law with many details involved.  When Jesus celebrated the Passover the final time before His death, these rituals suddenly came to full revelation of their meaning and God’s Messiah redemption! 

Participating in the Passover meal was a participation learning and revealing time of what God’s promises involve and how He has fulfilled them in Jesus.  It was a heart opening experience for youth and adult. 

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