Iron Sharpens - Men's page 



“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”


Men who are growing in the Lord and encouraging other younger men to know and walk with the Lord is essential to a healthy community, family and local church body.  We encourage our men to join us for:

·         Book studies - Small groups are formed to study & work through a book on applying Biblical truth to our lives

·         Special events for Outreach and Encouragement - Gatherings planned for the purpose of encouragement in knowing Christ and building friendships

·         Outreach using sport or meals to invite our friends to hear the Gospel. 


LAFF Luncheon — (for men and women) Our retires or those who come close to the stage of “Life After Fifty-Five” gather monthly, which is typically held the second Tuesday, for fellowship over lunch connected many times with an activity.