Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Our Mission is to Proclaim the Word of God

So that People Know Christ

And Grow to Spiritual Maturity

Our doctrinal beliefs are central to our mission and practice. These statements, in summary of our complete doctrinal statement, are essential to who we are.  We invite your questions as you consider our belief statements.

The Bible – we believe that the entire Bible is verbally inspired by God and without any error in its order or content.  God’s Word is at the center of Christian union and our absolute standard by which all conduct, creeds and opinions are measured. 

The Nature of God – We believe that there is One True God who exists in three distinct persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  God is eternal and without origin and holy in His nature and practices.  We believe that each member of the Godhead is equal in power and holiness and yet distinct in their roles and work.

Jesus Christ – Jesus is the Son of God, absolutely and fully God.  He chose to become fully human in order to redeem fallen mankind from the penalty of our sin, and provide a way of restoration to the Father.  As pre-determined, He died on the cross and three days later resurrected from the grave and then 40 days later ascended to Glory.  Jesus Christ is our only way for a restored relationship with God.

Man’s Rebellion – Humans were created innocent and without guilt by God, but chose to disobey God.  We continue to do so today.  The consequence of our sin is separation from God and the full enjoyment of His good gifts in this life.  Without a redeemer, man is doomed to eternal judgment and without hope before a Holy God.

Salvation/Restoration – Our only hope is in the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ, not of any works or rituals of our doing.  Repentance from our sin and faith in Christ alone as our only Savior brings us into union with Christ, resulting in one’s forgiveness and cleansing from sin and the gift of God’s indwelling Spirit.  Christ makes the once dead and broken into a living new creation of God.  At salvation, the new believer is fully justified and cleansed before the Father.

Following Christ – To walk as a genuine follower of Christ and child of God a person must first be justified by God’s work of Grace and then grow progressively, being sanctified by the work of the Spirit of God and the application of the Word of God.  Growth in Christ is the mark of genuine redemption and is fueled by the study of the Word of God, the work of the Spirit of God, fellowship with God’s people and a steady progression toward godliness in our hearts and practices.

Local Church – The local church is God’s family and is essential for a believer’s growth, service, and fellowship with fellow Christians and Christ Himself.  The church is the “Body of Christ”.  The local church is made up of redeemed sinners, baptized in obedience, and agreeing on core beliefs and purposes together so that the Word of God may be heard, followed and made known to the world.  The people of God are called to be “salt and light” both locally and globally.

Eternity – We believe that human being faces an ultimate appointment with Jesus Christ, the judge of all mankind and will dwell eternally with God or be eternally separated from God in torment.  We hold to a coming rapture of the church, tribulation, an earthly millennial kingdom  and the eternal new heaven and new earth.

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